Vintage wine cardi

Vintage Wine Cardigan
from a vintage Robin pattern
fits chest 48 cms so 6-9 months or thereabouts
4mm vintage needles
3 balls King Cole Merino Blend DK #32 Wine

The pattern is from my collection of vintage knitting patterns. I would like to work this up larger for my little girl in the same colour. It really suits her skin tone. I love the yarn and will use it again, soft with great stitch definition and machine washable. Now we’ve lost Jaeger….this is a good alternative to Matchmaker Merino. I just scraped in with nothing to spare on this one. A fiddly bit of sewing up, but I like that part. Maybe next time I’ll work it in one piece to the armholes.

Mods: I omitted a button and the filet ribbon around the neck, not practical or safe! Oh, and I compensated by adding extra stitches to the seam edges so the pattern appeared seamless on the side seams.

Pouty in a pinafore

Machine sewn and handfinished, reversible pinafore using recycled fabric and a vintage pattern. I’ve not done much sewing for a while, so this was something to kick-start the ‘sewing brain’ again. It’s not at all practical – most likely needs dry cleaning and gets dragged about with a crawling baby. However, there are major moves afoot to stand! So, watch this space. Young Coco will be back in dresses when that happens.

Reversible pinafore ribbon ties

Reverse view showing ribbon ties. I wanted grosgrain but couldn’t find anything the right colour. This isn’t 100% right either….

Reversible pinafore

Front view showing the red and gold tulips. The original pattern called for bias around all the edges but I wanted a cleaner line than that and think this way was an improvement.

Singlet in action

The vintage singlet Mum so expertly made finally fits properly. She used a vintage pattern and Patons Dreamtime 100% 4 ply wool in white. I think she made one six like this for me as a babe.

It’s hard to believe that Coco was this small and that time has gone so incredibly quickly!

Vintage singlet

I managed to do some sewing whilst visiting Nanny & Grandpa on her old Bernina record. It’s a fabulous machine, so solid and amazingly reliable. The stories it could tell! Well, they would mostly be of me swearing. I raided her cupboards and found some lovely cottons and shirtings but wasn’t able to bring everything I wanted back. Next time, maybe.

Here’s Coco modelling the bloomers in white cotton pique and shaking my old wooden rattle. It’s quite battered but much loved.


And some pants using up a remnant of shirting that she made for my Grandad. These were enormous on her a month ago when they were finished and now they fit, well loosely anyway. Perfect for our yoga class we’re starting today. Can you see how close she is to crawling……….any day now, I fear/reckon

Yoga pants

I’m also halfway through sewing up a summer weight sleeping bag too. Oh, to have some time……