Mystical Stripe finished

Mystical Stripe by Kaffe Fassett
Rowan Magazine 34
Kidsilk Haze & Rowanspun DK

It took me forever……….and I would certainly knit it differently if I ever knit it again. So, here’s some advice if you’re interested in taking on the mantle. I would definitely knit the body in one piece. I started knitting in the ends, which didn’t please me as it made each row end more bulky, especially with the DK wool, so there were thousands of ends to sew in but worth it in the long run. I should’ve made it longer and it could’ve done with some shaping in the back. Otherwise, it’s lovely to wear, light, soft and VERY stripey.

I ended up using 2 balls of KSH Smoke 605, so I think they misprinted the requirement for 2 balls of Rowanspun Thorn 748 and I had about half a metre left and still the buttonhole bands to knit. I knit that about 3 times in different colours…….because there was SO much yarn left over but decided on Thorn instead. The grey did work best on balance.

I did actually finish this the day before we flew to Australia, so apologies for the slackness in posting.

After a major hiatus all the major knitting is done on Mystical Stripe…….lots and lots of ends to sew in and then put together and knit the buttonhole band. That calls for Kid Silk Haze Smoke but I only had just enough to finish, so will choose another colour to knit that with because there is enough left over to make another complete cardigan. Think I’ll offer it to Mum and see if she wants to make herself one.

I had been knitting the ends in for a time but found that the right side didn’t look as tight or as neat as I would have liked, so I left them to sew in later. The right kind of thing when you want something to do but don’t have to think about what you’re doing! That’s a great option for me with a teething baby, who is a tad unpredictable. I had planned to have this completed over the Christmas break but we all fell ill and are still suffering. Whatever it is has taken a major stronghold.

Have a look at my progress over the past year, or lack of, by clicking the Mystical Stripe category in the right hand toolbar.

blog shots 007

Am so overdue in finishing Mystical Stripe… Winter and Spring are over and it will be far to warm to wear this until Autumn. I know we all have WIPs and UFOs hanging around but this one is really annoying me. Am knitting both sleeves at once, so at least they’ll be done together! I did a bit yesterday and need to just have it out, so I’m looking at it and it can make me feel guilty!

In pieces #2

I’m never content in making just one thing for a gift, especially for little people, so when I cast off the second sleeve on this cardi last night and saw how much yarn I had left over, I just had to make some little shoes. (That was a long sentence!) Am using the Debbie Bliss Fair Isle shoe pattern but have added a little yarn over motif instead and kept it plain. Must get that done tonight, so I can go in search of some pearly buttons tomorrow…..more anon.

In pieces #1

The alphabet blanket has been cast aside for the time being but it was always a long-term project.

Knitmaster wool winder in actionMy new/vintage wool winder is fab! Although it would make life easier with a swift as well, but I’ll have to do without for the moment. I’ve googled and done some searching but can’t seem to find much about the age of it.

I’m guessing 1960s or 1970s but it didn’t have an instruction leaflet that may have given me more clues. I know that Knitmaster made knitting machines but they appear to have ceased trading. It’s great fun, even Mapman thinks so!

Wool winder detail

Here’s some I made earlier with some of the yarn from Mystical Stripe.

Yarn cakes