This has been a long time coming! Moss stitch takes forever and I did get distracted with one or two other things in between…..anyway here it is.

Mist cardigan

Rowan Mag 26 – Kim Hargreaves
Rowanspun DK – Rush 737 – 7 skeins
4mm Addis

I ended up making the larger size because I didn’t want it too fitted and wanted to be able to wear it over long sleeved tops but it’s a bit baggy under the arms. I bit more shaping by the side seams would have been better. I lengthened the body by another 7cm because Mum is always pulling hers down! It is quite cropped otherwise. The only other modification I made was shortening the sleeves by 2cm. It could even do to be a bit longer all over but that’s tough luck now. It sewed up really nicely and the sleeves are a lovely shape and fit. I did make a buttonhole but will mostly wear it with a brooch.

Think I might start something that isn’t green! Here’s a close-up of the colour and the stitching.

Mist close-up

I made this beanie last night for my little Aussie mate and it’s already in the post! There was enough leftover from the jumper. I reckon it took about 1 and a half balls and it was the smaller size (1-2 yrs) but it looks huge. Think he might be growing into it and was toying with putting on a pompom but thought better of it.

Cooper's hat

from The Baby Knits book – Debbie Bliss
All Seasons Cotton – Fern & Military

Am in the middle of sewing up Mist. It’s currently a tabard, which is not a good look!

You just have to go over and check out Sockbugs 57 pairs of socks! It’s a great shot. AND she’s got loads of links to sock patterns too! No excuse for not finding something interesting to knit here. Although I think I’m going for the Falling Leaves pattern from Knitty next.

Mist update
Mist is moving along slowly but surely. Finished the left front this afternoon and have cast on for the right front…then it’s just a sleeve to go! The houndstooth capes and skirt are from September Vogue. Have always loved houndstooth! Here’s a shot from Catimini’s latest collection for kids. Their baby stuff is adorable. Love the colours and the texture of this jacket. Catamini jacket

Have been plodding along with Mist and am up to the armhole on the left front. It’s such boring knitting but at least I can do it without thinking and can get embroiled in telly! Not much concentration required.

Not alot of other crafting going on, lots of cleaning and gardening instead in preparation for Aussie visitors next week! Can’t wait for that – cherry ripes will be winging their way to me very, very soon!

I ordered the wool for Mystical Stripe from three different mail order companies and one of them is being incredibly slow. All I want is the LAST ball and am getting so annoyed about it that I might just go to JL and get it. It’s red, so I’m bound to use it up for other things anyway but it’s more annoying because I only need it for ONE row. I’ve been so motivated to get this pattern going that I’ve done the 34 rows each on two sleeves and the back now, having used all my 4mm pins in the process. AND I’ve also been knitting in the ends, which is quicker when you get used to doing it each row or two rows and the great thing about KSH being so fine is that you can knit it in alongside the rowanspun and it’s not that noticeable.

I joined up to Lolly’s Socktoberfest, so I’d better get knittin’!

AND have gotta make my list for Ally Pally this Thursday

winter capes

I fancy finding a cape pattern this week and making a tweedy one for winter. There was a story on the Harris tweed weavers on Countryfile today. The wooden looms were so burnished from many years of use and it was fascinating to watch. They nearly went out of business in the 80’s and 90’s and it wasn’t until Nike put in an order for 250 yards for some shoe samples that things improved. It would be a tragedy if skills like these were lost. I like the style of the checked one at the bottom of the shot (from today’s Sunday Times Style mag) – simple lines and looks quick and easy. Am going to town on Tuesday, so will have a look in Liberty for a pattern.

Have had an inside weekend because I’ve got a cold……..general grumpiness aside, I’ve managed to finish the back of Mist and start the left front. Not too bad for week 5, I suppose. You can see the wrap-stitch shaping in the shot below with a new sock I started yesterday. I’ve got lots of this yarn from 21st century yarns and originally bought it to make baby stuff for gifts, which I have been doing but there’s lots of it left. Hence the emerging sock. It will be a bit of a ‘make it up as I go along’ thing. No plan other than to include many colours, mainly because I think each skein is only about 15g.

More progress DK sock wool