Am so overdue in finishing Mystical Stripe… Winter and Spring are over and it will be far to warm to wear this until Autumn. I know we all have WIPs and UFOs hanging around but this one is really annoying me. Am knitting both sleeves at once, so at least they’ll be done together! I did a bit yesterday and need to just have it out, so I’m looking at it and it can make me feel guilty!

In pieces #2

I’m never content in making just one thing for a gift, especially for little people, so when I cast off the second sleeve on this cardi last night and saw how much yarn I had left over, I just had to make some little shoes. (That was a long sentence!) Am using the Debbie Bliss Fair Isle shoe pattern but have added a little yarn over motif instead and kept it plain. Must get that done tonight, so I can go in search of some pearly buttons tomorrow…..more anon.

In pieces #1

The alphabet blanket has been cast aside for the time being but it was always a long-term project.

Moopy face

She’s a sleepy wee girl. Made from corduroy recycled from a skirt, some thrifted felt, Liberty print and batik fabrics. The pattern is here courtesy of Nest Studio. No probs with pattern, very straight-forward and fun.

Moopy bottom

I also made some quick little birdie cut outs from the leftover curtain fabric. Am thinking I might make some more for a hanging mobile.


Personal gift tags

I had the personalised labels made up about 6 years ago and I often forget to use them or end up not using them because they’re too scratchy to put on little people’s clothing. So, after seeing the lovely gift tags floating around in blogland at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to use up some scrap fabric, which I have tons of, and also put the labels to good use. I got a bit over excited about using up quilting offcuts, so I have a pile of about 40 tags waiting to get sewn up. I suppose I could glue them to the paper if I wanted, but they’re in the tin awaiting a purpose. This way they’ll be really useful, especially for knitted garments, which need care instructions, so I can write that on the back instead of including the ball band. Marvellous.

Are you in the UK? Near to Milton Keynes? A keen stitcher/quilter? Available on 2nd or 3rd June?

Threads & Patches are having some charity stitching days at their shop. Sally needs stitchers to help make up quilts for children who arrive (often with nothing) at the Womens Refuge in Milton Keynes.

They aim to make as many quilts as possible in that time and need as many willing stitchers as possible. The times are 1pm -10pm on the Friday and 8am – 6pm on the Saturday, they do not expect you to stitch for more than a couple of hours at a time but if you could give any of your time and expertise they would be grateful. Fabrics, patterns and instructions will be provided along with suppport, tea, coffee and probably too much naughty food to mention.

If you would like to help but are unable to attend they are collecting money for the Womens Refuge or if you wish to donate wadding (esp. needed) or fabrics (new 100% cotton patchwork fabric pre washed only please!), then it would be very appreciated.

Get in touch with Sally White here:
Threads and Patches
48 Aylesbury Street,
Fenny Stratford,
Milton Keynes
01908 649687