Time for tea I had a request some time ago to make a simple knitted tea cosy and have only just got around to it. I used an old Copley knitting pattern I picked up recently in a charity shop. Copley-Smith and sons were from Darlington but it was the first I had heard of them and the pattern was dated 1983. It’s unusual to find patterns dated like this, so it’s not technically vintage yet!

It does look quite over-the-top keeping my green Denby Energy teapot warm. I think it’s going to be living with a white or stainless pot from memory……………Hope that serves me correctly.


Shamrock Tea Cosy
Rowanspun DK knit double
1 ball of each
4.5mm needles

I have modified my own pattern to share with you. Use two colours of DK yarn and held double throughout the pattern or aran weight yarn. You can use two colours or plain yarn, whatever takes your fancy.

Cast on 53 stitches with 4.5 or 5mm needles.
*K2, P2, repeat from* to last stitch, K1
Repeat this row until work measures 18cm or desired length.
Begin shaping as follows:-
K2, (P3tog, K1)12 times, P2, K1 (29 sts.)
K2, P2, (K1,P1) 12 times, K1
K1, (SSK) 12 times, K2tog (16 sts.)
K1, P to last stitch, K1
K2tog 8 times across row (8 sts.)
Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches pulling tightly.

Work another piece exactly the same.

To make up, pin pieces together at the sides and roughly measure where you need your spout hole and your handle hole. Sew together using mattress stitch and add a pom pom or pieces of i-cord. Whatever you fancy. Then boil the kettle, make a lovely cuppa and enjoy.

SSK = Slip, slip, knit or alternatively you can knit 2 together through the back of the loop

41 thoughts on “Time for tea?

  1. Hello I would love to have the tea cozy pattern. It’s just what I was looking for. Can you share it?

  2. Please would it be possible to email the pattern to me for the tea cosy by Copley-Smtih and sons? I am desperate to make it!
    Thanks very much. It looks just like one my great gran had when I was a child.

  3. Love the pattern for knitted cosy,just what i am looking for and believe me ihave .Someone out there tell me where i might one .thanks

  4. Please can you tell me where i can gt a pattern for this knitted tea cosy – its just what i’ve been looking for.

  5. Would love to have a copy of the pattern for the Tea cosys thought I would knit them for christmas presents,laid up after having two hip operations since August and awaiting the third!!!


  6. Omigod! I just love the knitted tea cosy! It is soooo cool! Please could you e-mail me the pattern so that I can have a go at knitting it! I am a new knitter and need a new inspiring pattern!!! Thanx!

  7. I too would be pleased if you can email me the tea cosy pattern – am hoping to knit for christmas gift. looking forward to hearing from you, thanks

  8. could you please send me this pattern for the tea cozy ias it is the closest one to the one my mother used to knit and she would be 108, She died at 103 and now I have to take over the tea cozy tradition for Christmas. Thanks you so much.

  9. Am so pleased to be able to find a tea cosy pattern – mine will be going to Poland at xmas as a special request from my son’s girlfriend having seen similar at his grandmothers in Ireland- would be fascinated to see the quilted one referred to but can’t seem to be able to access it – any hints please

  10. Like so many of your other “commentators” I’ve been searching the net for a cozy like my Mum’s. This is it! The neat thing about it is because you use the yarn doubled, you get the prettiest mottled effect. Two tones of the same colour work really well and contrasting brights do too. I did sky blue and yellow and black and white.

  11. I’m looking for a tea cozy pattern that was made by my mother in the 60′s. The pattern may be older. It is two colors and pleated up and down. On the top she made pom poms to decorate. Because of the pleating style it kept tea very warm and was attractive to look at. Any ideas??

  12. I’ve been looking everywhere to buy a teacosy knitting pattern like this, so dead pleased to find it. In response to Joyce and her 60′s pattern, I know exactly the kind she means. You can find it for free on a “vintage patterns” site,(if you google ‘tea cosy’ it’s on the first page that comes up). the pattern is called “A happy thought” and is from the Woman’s Weekly I think. It’s pretty complicated though!

  13. Hello – not sure if I’ve missed it, but could you tell me the approximate size of the tea cosy (or the tea pot you knitted it for).
    Thank you!

  14. Thankyou, I have this enormous urge to knit a tea cosy and yours is thefirst I have found, so I am going to give it go……from Sydney Australia

  15. I am a novice knitted…Pattern reads K2P2 repeat to last stitch K1.
    Ok folks, need help here…the pattern says repeat this row Here is a problem to solve for me….I start every row with K2P2?????

  16. ssk means slip stitch knitways.
    love the pattern have just started it . am not sure what to add to the top, i quite fancy a knitted flower.

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  19. I only recently had the idea of knitting a tea cosy and now have the perfect pattern. I have been knitting since my son was a baby and he is 37 in March, but I’ve never knitted a cosy before! Many thanks

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  21. Thanks for this cosy pattern…I have beenlooking forever for a versatile one like this…so far I have made a snowman, santa, pumpkin…santas hat…and the regular one…am having great fun with it for sure….
    I found some thicker wool instead of two strands of DK…works fine…now if I can perfect pom poms…!!!
    Thanks again

  22. I love this pattern! Have made it twice and about to do another one for my Auntie :) Thanks for taking the time to post it here!

  23. Thank you so much for posting this pattern – I’ve been trying to knit a tea cosy for over a year with a silly circular pattern and this is refreshingly easy, really great to customize with the varying height of different pot spouts and handles. Thank you for saving me so much headache!

  24. I’ve knitted this pattern about four times now with great success. However, I’ve just started to knit another one but the yarn I’ve got (James Brett Top Value DK) is thicker than previously used yarns and the tea cosy was coming out huge. I’m a fairly new knitter and I can’t modify the pattern – I’m useless with numbers! Can anyone help please?
    Thanks, Annie :o)

  25. Your tea cozy is gorgeous and seems to be just the right project for a somewhat beginner like me.

    What was your gauge either in metric or in inches? I have some heavy weight wool tweed yarn that would be perfect for you project. Your needle size 4.5mm is comparable to US size 7 according to the books I have read.

  26. have found your pattern for tea cosy using two strands of dk could you tell me what width one piece should measure, at the moment mine looks like it would fit a tea-urn never mind a tea pot

  27. I have made this tea cosy for myself and it has been a great success. All my friends and family love it! So much so, I have had a few requests for Christmas gifts, so I better get started as time is running out! Thank you for the pattern!

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