I’ve decided I’m going to do an inspiration post every Wednesday(even though today is Thursday – was out last night for a friend’s birthday AND you know you’re truly a thirty-something when 8 people share a bottle of wine! Scary.). It’s halfway through the week and I’ve so many things that are of interest to me at the moment and I’d like to share them.

These tiles are outside The Flask pub in Hampstead. The pedestrianized street, Flask Walk was known for its sellers of spring water for three pennys when Hampstead used to be called Hampstead Wells. I think they mean in the 1800’s. Anyway, I love the colour combinations – green and purple and red with orange.

Tiles at The Flask pub in Hampstead

I saw these runs on the news this morning and they reminded me that exactly two years ago (I think when they were launched?) DH first mentioned getting an Eglu and some chickens. Mum and Dad have always had chooks and I’m well aware of the benefits BUT we do have a very small garden in a big city AND we have very grumpy neighbours. I can imagine there would be a problem. DH has been nagging me about this all that time and I have promised that ‘in the next house’ he can have his beloved chooks!

They’re a superb design but pricey £329 for the unit then you buy chooks and extras on top, working out to about £385. They even do them in pink!………go check it out at Omlet

The Eglu by Omlet

This is as far as I can go for the time being. I’m waiting on some Felted Tweed that’s on back order but am happy to mosey along with this during the winter. Due to the stripes changing every row or every two rows, it should hold my interest during those dark and dingey evenings. I’ve done some looking around and can’t find that many people who have made this.

Mystical stripe beginnings

Mystical Stripe cardigan – Kaffe Fassett
Rowan Mag 34
Rowanspun DK (Almond, Thorn, Catkin, Lavender, Drizzle, Thor, Icy), Felted Tweed(Watery, Conker – this is a sub for Rowanspun Chili) and Kidsilk Haze (Smoke, Dewberry, Candy Girl, Heavenly, Liqueur, Drab and Pearl) The last two I subbed for Khaki and Bleached that are also discontinued.

Mist is still coming along slowly but surely. I got to the armhole shaping last night after extending the body length by another 7cm. It’s quite cropped and Mum is always pulling hers down! Just two fronts and a sleeve to go!

Mist - back armhole shaping

tie one on - september

This was quick and easy to make but I’d washed all the tea towels prior to sewing and the red floral one got totally washed out. I was originally going to use that one but changed my mind. It’s now in the real tea towel collection and will be in service shortly. I used part of another tea towel in that set, made a large pocket, embellished with red and hot pink ricrac and here she is.

I took the shot from my view – so you don’t have to look at my tummy! ;-) BUT I’ve mostly forgotten how to use the timer.

Bit of surfing this afternoon and found a gorgeous bear on Twisted Stitches’ blog. It’s from Knitty and is very cute. She used some leftover Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. I have SO much leftover wool from various projects for little people, so I might make a couple of these for friends who are due soon. Or I could use some of my 25g skeins from 21st C yarns. Hmmm.

I also linked to Southern Cross Knitting’s online mag. They have a few good articles in there and some patterns I fancy making for presents:- the custom-size fingerless mittens look good because you can make them in something fine or chunky and I fancy the leaf lace socks for me!

I know there is never enough time to make all the things you want to make but you can dream, can’t you!