I’m looking for a cardi pattern for me. I’m going to have more knitting time in the next couple of months once we have moved in with family, so my current short list is…..

Harvest Moon
Tea Leaves or

I’ve got yarn for Celery and Tea Leaves/Harvest Moon. Now decisions. I also need to finish my FLS in black but it’s hard going in the dark of the night……..I know I’m slow on the uptake, but it should be done before the depths of winter.

Re-fashioned toddler pants

Kid’s clothes week challenge
Re-fashioned adult t-shirt into toddler pants

All in all, it’s a fairly rubbish effort for a clothing challenge, but I’ve not sewn for ages and I now recall my machine is in desperate need of a service. The bobbin tension is off and it’s not sewing that well.

At any rate. I’ve had a t-shirt of DH’s in the wardrobe for the very purpose of making some sleeve pants for the young master. I used this pattern via Whip Up. Totally quick, completely easy – two seams and you’re done. They fit the big nappy bottom, as you can see, so job done.

Well, what a rubbish week. I completely failed the kids clothes week challenge. I got fabric out and played with it, looked through pattern books, got some vilene to trace and cut out a pattern but never actually got the machine out. My family is on the cusp of a new journey, so there is an awful lot going on behind the scenes, hence blogging silence.

I did, however, finish the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan yesterday. It’s been waiting for buttons for about 6 weeks…….so I finally made some yesterday. I have had this rose pink soy silk yarn since I was first pregnant with my daughter and have been waiting for the right pattern to come along.

I think I only used just over a ball of it in the end, having agonised over long or short sleeves. I decided on the shorter version and she loves it. It is so soft and will be very comfortable to wear in warmer weather. The drape is perfect for the pattern and it will probably block and stretch more after washing. You think I could’ve brushed her hair for the photos?!